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Describe your vehicle fairly and accurately. this information will be used in advertising and at the auction block to describe your car.

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    By checking yes, I agree that I have read the information below regarding Leake Auction Company’s Matching Number Policy. I am verifying that my vehicle is a matching numbers vehicle and I agree to the terms listed below.

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    Who can sell a car?
    You must be the owner of the vehicle and the title must be in your name on the front if you are an individual. If you are a Dealer we must have a copy of your current Dealers License with your Dealer number. Please review your title and be sure it is filled out properly.
    What types of vehicles are accepted?
    We will take most any collectible vehicle. It must be running and have working brakes. It is to your benefit to have your vehicle looking its best. We do NOT accept vehicles with salvage, damaged, insurance loss or branded titles.
    Does the title and VIN need to match?
    Yes. Please, take the time to locate the VIN on your vehicle and check the number against the title – the numbers must match exactly. The VIN tag must be the original VIN tag for the vehicle. If you do not have an original VIN tag or if there are any issues, call us and one of our title agents can assist you with starting the correction process. If your vehicle has a non-conforming VIN, Leake will hold funds for 30 days to allow the buyer sufficient time to title the vehicle in their state.
    What does it cost to sell my car? Following is the pricing structure for our Dallas sale.
    Thursday, November 15th - No Seller Commission - Price includes entry fee & commission
    Lots 1-200 $500
    Friday, November 16th - 6% Sell Fee with a Reserve; 4% Sell Fee Without a Reserve
    Lots 301-525 $600
    Saturday, November 17th - 6% Sell Fee with a Reserve; 4% Sell Fee Without a Reserve
    Lot 601-825 $700
    $1000 - Prime position
    All vehicles consigned are subject to approval at time of check-in and may not be allowed to run through the auction. Approval is dependent upon seller’s accuracy of description, verification of VIN and condition of vehicle.
    What if my car has a lien?
    We need a letter from the lien holder as to the amount owed with a per diem good through the Friday following the auction. This will be deducted from the proceeds of the sale of your vehicle. You will not receive any proceeds until the Lien Release and/or original title is received in our office.
    How do I consign a vehicle?
    Contact a Leake Auction Company salesman at 918.254.7077 or fill out this print out this information and fax it to 877.599.1563 or email it to consignments@leakecar.net. One of our salesmen will call you back. It is to your benefit to consign early. We will use your high resolution photos for our brochure as well as the many publications in which we advertise. These can be uploaded on the website or emailed to photo@leakecar.com.
    What is the cost to consign a vehicle?
    Entry Fees vary depending on the day your car goes across the auction block. Please check the auction information page for current entry fee schedule. There is a 4% commission on No Reserve cars and a 6% commission on cars sold with a Reserve.
    Can I sell a car with NO RESERVE?
    Yes. If you sell your car at NO RESERVE during the auction, $100 will be deducted from the Entry Fee.
    How do I describe my car?
    Your description is what the auctioneer reads when your car goes over the block. We list the information in bulleted format for ease in reading. There can only be 17 bullet points on the car card. Please stick to the facts and important points of interest about your car.Can I say that my car is numbers matching? If your car is matching numbers and you want to state this in the description, you must submit documentation and photos proving so in advance. We will add numbers matching where appropriate. You must also submit a numbers matching statement with your consignment. Please ask your salesman for this form.How do I get paid when my car sells? If you have presented a clear and valid title, after Leake receives payment from the buyer we will write you a check. If you need to leave before the buyer pays we will mail your check.What if my car does not sell?     We have a great Post Sale desk and they work very hard to get your car sold if there is an interested party. We also provide a “second-chance opportunity” to sell your vehicle on IronPlanet’s Marketplace-E website. This platform offers 3.3 million bidders in 155 countries the opportunity to buy your vehicle. We automatically list your vehicle on the Marketplace after the auction, at no additional cost to you. Approved bidders can Buy-It-Now at your reserve price or they may make an offer on your vehicle. We will notify you directly of any reasonable offers. Once your vehicle sells, we will collect the money from the buyer and send you a check for the consignment, less a 10% commission. The title will need to be overnighted to the Leake office before a check can be generated. What does a Consignor need to provide in order to bid?   As a Consignor you are eligible for a Complimentary Bidder’s Pass. We ask that you provide a Letter of Guarantee from your banker. Please call our office at 918.254.7077 and ask for your bidder pass.

    Tulsa 2019

    • June 6, 7, 8 & 9, 2019
    • River Spirit Expo at Tulsa Fairgrounds
    • 4145 E. 21st St.
    • Tulsa, OK 74114
    • Photo deadline for our website will be Friday, June 1
    • Vehicle check-in will be Wednesday, June 5th 9am-6pm and Thursday, June 6th 9am-2pm
    • On-site bidder registration will begin at 9am, Wednesday, June 5th
    • Cars must be off-site by 5pm Monday, June 10.
    • Admission Friday-Sunday is $20 for Adults, $15 for Seniors & Military with ID, $7 Children 6-12
    • Online bidding will be available via IronPlanet.

    Tulsa Hotels

    • Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
    • 777 W. Cherokee St.
    • Catoosa, OK 74015
    • 800.760.6700
    • Ask for the Leake Auction rate
    • Doubletree at Warren Place
    • 6110 S Yale Ave.
    • Tulsa, OK  74136-1904
    • 918.495.1000
    • Ask for the Leake Auction rate
    • RV Park information
    • The RV Park is located on the northwest corner of Expo Square, providing convenient and affordable on-site accommodations.
    • The best way to access the facility is off 15th Street, entering at Gate 5.
    • Reservation Information
    • Rental Rates, call 918.744.1113 ext. 2154
    Hard Rock Cafe

    Dallas Fall

    • November 15, 16 & 17, 2018
    • Dallas Market Hall
    • 2200 N. Stemmons Freeway,
    • Dallas, TX 75207
    • Photo deadline for our brochure will be Friday, October 5.
    • Photo deadline for our website will be Friday, November 9 .
    • Early vehicle drop-off will begin Monday, November 12 at 9am.
    • Vehicle check-in will be Wednesday, November 14 8am-6pm and  November 15, 8am-2pm
      • Any vehicle dropped off early MUST contain the following:
        • Name and contact info for seller - including a cell phone number
        • Year, make and model of vehicle
        • Lot number for the vehicle
    • On-site bidder registration will begin at 8am, Wednesday, November 14
    • Doors open at 8am daily.
    • Auction start times will be announced 2 weeks prior to the sale.
    • Cars must be off-site by 5pm Monday, November 19.
    • Admission is $20 for Adults, $15 for Seniors and Military with ID, $7 Children 6-12
    • Online bidding will be available via IronPlanet.

    Dallas Hotel

    • Renaissance Dallas Hotel
    • 2222 N Stemmons Freeway
    • Dallas, TX 75207
    • 800.468.3571
    • Ask for the Leake Auction Rate of $130/night
    • Click here to book online

    OKC 2019

    • February 22 & 23, 2019
    • Bennett Event Center at State Fair Park
    • 3101 Gordon Cooper Blvd.
    • OKC, OK 73107
    • Vehicle check-in will be Thursday, February 21, 9am-6pm and Friday, February 22, 9am-noon
    • On-site bidder registration will begin at 9am, Thursday, February 21
    • Doors open at 9am daily.
    • Cars must be off-site by 5pm Monday, February 25
    • Admission is $20 for Adults, $15 for Seniors & Military with ID, $7 Children 6-12
    • Online bidding will be available via IronPlanet

    OKC Hotels

    • Hilton Garden Inn - OKC Airport
    • 801 S. Meridian Ave
    • OKC, OK 73108
    • 405.942.1400
    • Ask for the Leake Auction rate
    • Embassy Suites
    • 1815 S. Meridian Ave
    • OKC, OK 73108
    • 405.682.6000
    • Tru by Hilton Airport
    • 802 S. Meridian Ave
    • OKC, OK 73108
    • 405.609.3955
    • Ask for the Leake Auction rate
    • RV Parking at State Fair Park
    • 200 Land Rush Street
    • OKC, OK 73107
    • 405.948.6713
    • 50 AMP Service - $30 per night
    • 30 AMP Service - $25 per night
    • Handicap accessible
    • Restrooms and showers
    • 330 spaces are first come first served. Reservations are not accepted.
    • Click here for more information