Photography Tips

Photography Tips to showcase your vehicle


Outdoor vs. Indoor?

For lighting purposes, photos should be taken in an outdoor location, unless you have a well lit indoor paint or photo booth. Photograph your car in front of a clean background.

What is the best time of day for me to shoot?

Photos are best shot in the morning or late afternoon on a slightly overcast day. If it is too sunny, your photos will show a glare. It is best to shoot when the sun is behind you, not your vehicle. Take care to avoid your shadow crossing in the picture.

Where should I take the pictures?

Cars show best when they are taken in a clutter-free location. Avoid taking photos that show people or other vehicles in them. A few preferred locations are in the country, at a park, a large empty parking lot, or in front of a nice home.

How should I prepare my car?

You want your car to look its best. Clean the inside and outside, as well as under the hood. Everyone likes a clean car!

Should I include trophies in or around the vehicle?

No. If your vehicle has won awards, include that in the description. Trophies and awards may obstruct the view of your vehicle and cast shadows on it. If you would like to include a separate picture of the trophies, you may. Remember, any trophies displayed with the car will become property of the new owner, when the car is sold at the auction.

What picture angles should I take?

Take pictures from the perspective you would normally view the vehicle. Do not shoot from high above or below the vehicle.

Leake Auction Company recommends the following shots

Primary Shots:

  • 3/4 front shot showing side and front grille.
  • Make sure you get close to ensure the car fills the frame.
  • Do not cut off any part of the vehicle.
  • You should be able to see the entire car in the picture.
  • 3/4 rear showing side of the car and rear bumper

Secondary Shots:

  • 3/4 rear showing side of the car and rear bumper
  • Side shot showing the side profile of the vehicle
  • Straight front shot
  • Straight rear shot
  • Detail shots
  • Engine
  • Grille
  • Interior
  • Special Features

Additional Shots:

  • Engine plate
  • Chassis number Dash close-up
  • Mascot (Hood ornament)

Photo Specifications : Print/35mm Cameras

Clear, sharp, gloss finish photographs are preferred. Photos must be printed professionally at a photo lab and NOT on an inkjet or laser printer. Turn off date stamps on camera when taking photos. Do not write on the back of photos. Magazine pages and scans will not be accepted.

Digital Cameras

A four megapixels (4MP) or higher camera is required for taking digital photographs. If unsure of the megapixel rating of your camera, check the manual. Camera must be set to maximum size and quality settings. This should result in an image resolution greater than 2300 x 1725 pixels. Turn off date stamps on camera when taking photos. Do not reduce, crop or alter the image in any way, we have professionals on staff that will make any adjustments needed.


Scans are only acceptable if they are done from original photographs, negatives or transparencies by a professional lab. Scans of brochures or other auction advertising will not be accepted.

Sending your Photographs: Conventional Photographs

Photographic prints should be packed carefully to avoid damage during trans

Sending your Photographs: Digital Camera Photographs

Digital image files may be burned on CD or DVD and submitted to our offices at 11508 East 58th Street – Tulsa, OK 74146. High resolution images will also be accepted via email at photos@leakecar.com.